Trauernicht Simmentals offers you the opportunity to take advantage of a 40+ year commitment to the cattle industry, specifically the Simmental Breed.

The cattle we offer to you have earned their way. They have not been pampered. In fact, you will find them in their working clothes. In other words, buy these LHT brand cattle with confidence! As you look back through their pedigrees you will find mainly LHT prefixes for many generations. Add that to the fact most of the calves are sired by AI sires and you can rest assured that we bring you cattle of the utmost quality. Help yourself to a set of cattle that are ready to pay their way in your operation!

Thank you for your continued business,
Loren & Scott Trauernicht



Nebraska Platinum Standard Female Sale 2021

Sunday, December 12, 2021 12:00 noon


**On the farm Sale Facility**

 Performance cattle with a touch of style!

 Selling a select group of fancy show heifers, 100 bred heifers, bred cows & pairs

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