Ginger (BWL Ginger 930Y)
ASA#  2586171
SVF Steel Force S701 x J&C/SS Bernadette

When we purchased this heifer, we were looking for something special.  We wanted proven genetics, good numbers, and excellent phenotype.  We got it with Ginger!  She was an awesome show heifer for us, claiming 11 Grand and Reserves while shown.  Needless to say, she did well!  What would you expect for a maternal sister to the only bull to beat Mr HOC Broker, BWL Hardcore, the 2011 National Champion bull in Denver!  To top it off, Griswolds sold a ¾ sister last December for $46,000.  We think the brightest part of her future is as a donor.  Jump in early to get in on the ride!  We are extremely excited to see the offspring of Ginger x Uprising, the hottest bull in Denver in 2013!  Contact us today for flushes and embryos.

LHT Ms Blackfoot 177G
ASA #: 2005039
G&L Blackfoot x DSR Black Powder
Finesse (Lucas 869P)
ASA #: 2258763
GW Lucky Break 047G x Miss Prickly Pear 615F
ASA #: 2097812
Nichols Black Destiny x Sheza Dandy
LHT Ms Abigail 36R
ASA #: 2303628
OCC Anchor x DSR Black Powder
LHT Ms Joker 182P
ASA #: 2356054
Black Joker x BS Ms Interest 811T

Star (Lazy H/Adkins Black Star Z15)
ASA# 2638151
SVF/NJC Built Right N48 x CNS Black Star T702

Anabelle (WAGR Barbie 150Y)
ASA# 2610745
WAGR Driver 706T x WAGR 945
LHT Ms Daisy 256U
ASA #: 2515216
OCC Legend 616L x WAR Dandy's Destiny

ASA #: 2540896
SVF/NJC Built Right x JF Ebony's Joy 5120R

LHT MS Legend 127T
ASA #: 2407529
OCC Legend 616L x Black Joker

Ankony Ms Daume's R57
ASA #: 2278968
BOZ Redcoat 1586945 x Daumes Ms Boldstock J90 2019430

Dam: Daumes Ms Boldstock J905
Resides at Lucas Cattle Company.
Maternal Brother: Daumes Luck Deal
One of the breeds True Power Bulls.
Miss Remington U49
ASA #: 2443683
Remington Red Label x Drake P36D (Meyer Red Top)
LHT Ms Cherry 06T
ASA #: 2385803
CNS Dream On x 177G

Full Sibling Copyright daughter of Cherry Basic Instinct son of Cherry

R372 Angus
TC Franchise 360 x TK Edella 711
5129 Connie
ASA #: 2572546
Registered Angus
JSAR Ms Halley P138
ASA#: 2364291
WAR Hall of Fame x WAR EXT