LHT Making Tracks 03C – Purebred Simmental
ASA #: 2998523

W/C Wide Track x BWL Ginger 930Y
Limited Semen Available

JZ Mr Major Upgrade 14Z – Purebred Simmental
ASA #: 2629572

Mr. NLC Upgrade U8676 x Miss Cheyenne S11
This is an own son of NLC Upgrade and S11 (State Line Farm’s top donor cow), who is a maternal sister to the top selling female in the 2011 Nebraska Platinum Standard Female Sale!  Also a full sib to the Denver Champion, KSU Venom. 

S11 (dam) reference pic

14x (top seller in 2011 Nebraska Platinum
Standard Female Sale) reference pic
LHT Mr Mo Better 114Z – ½ blood

ASA #: 2667603

SVF/NJC Mo Better M217 x AKERS Ruby 2184
Out of the ever-popular AKERS Ruby 2184 and a full brother to the Denver Champion Percentage Bull, Mo Magic!

LHT Mr Steel Force 130Z

ASA #: 2667618

SVF Steel Force S701 x BF GCC 5918
This bull is a flushmate brother to the 2012 Denver Percentage Champion, BF Mr. Confidence and the 2014 Denver Percentage Champion, Zeis Real Steel.


LHT Mr Herbie 63Z - Now available through Cattle Visions!
ASA #:  2644621

SVF Steel Force S701 x Lazy H Miss Remington – Purebred
Owned with Dean Cattle Company, Jeff Dean 402-297-2540

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SS Online
ASA #: 2346827
Remington Red Label x SAFN Glamour 11J • Purebred Simmental
SAW Top Notch 712
ASA #: 2471840
OCC Emblazon x OCC Glory • Registered Angus
FB Time Out 767T
ASA #: 2515591
OCC Eureka 865E x FCC Rosetta 983N • Purebred Angus